Industrial Engineering

IE Abroad: Meet Haleigh Alexander

All across the world this summer, students from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University are studying abroad. This week, we reached out to Haleigh Alexander, who is studying in Rome, Italy.

Alexander at the Trevi Fountain, Rome.

Location of Study Abroad: 

Rome, Italy

Program Name:

Faculty-Directed Clemson Summer in Rome

Why did you choose this program?:

I had never been on a plane or out of the country before this program, so the length of this program (4 weeks), felt like the perfect amount of time to start “dipping my toes” into traveling internationally. Being on Palmetto Fellows scholarships, it was easiest to know I could secure funding for the trip by staying in a Clemson directed program. I also wanted to make sure the courses I am taking here actually count as progress towards my degree. Those three constraints led me to this program and once I found it, I had a eureka moment of “this is 100% the program for me” and I never looked back.

How did you find out about this program?

I found out about this program after spending some time on the Clemson Study Abroad website searching programs.

Favorite part of the experience? 

The amazing places I have been able to see. Even though the program is based in Rome, we have also had the opportunities to go see Pompeii and the Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Venice. So many of these places are places I have dreamed of visiting since I was a child and it’s just surreal standing there realizing that these dreams finally came true.

What advice would you give to other Industrial Engineering students studying abroad or thinking about studying abroad?

Definitely do it. Even if you cannot find a way to take IE courses abroad, there are other requirements you can satisfy, and the experiences you will have will positively impact you for the rest of your life.

Alexander at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

How might this experience help you as you return to Clemson University/the IE program? 

I think one of this major ways this experience will help me is relating to international students. Now that I have seen what it is like to study in a country that does not speak your first language, I feel like I have gained more empathy and understanding for what international students experience when they come to Clemson.






If you’re an IE student interested in studying abroad, check out Clemson Abroad for more information, and talk to your advisors to decide how you can best work study abroad into your coursework. Stay tuned next Monday to hear about another #IEAbroad!