Industrial Engineering

IE Abroad: Meet Jasmine Patel

Many students from the Department of Industrial Engineering are studying abroad this summer all across the world. This week, we reached out to Jasmine Patel, who is studying in Florence, Italy.

City of Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Location of Study Abroad:

Florence, Italy

Program Name:

Lorenzo dè Medici

Florence, Italy

Why did you choose this program?

I chose this location because I have traveled to Italy before, and of all the cities I have traveled to, Florence was by far my favorite; and it was the only city I didn’t get get to spend enough time in. Florence is known for being home to some amazing artists and architects, and I knew that being in Florence would give me the opportunity to learn more about these amazing people and immerse myself in the Italian culture.

I also chose this program because I needed a few general education requirements for IE and thought, “What better way to get them than by studying abroad in a country full of art and culture?”

How did you find out about this program?

I found out about this program by going to the study abroad office and asking them about specific countries I was interested in studying abroad in. Italy was my top country and the study abroad office was able to find a program in Italy with the classes I wanted to fill my requirements to graduate.

Favorite part of the experience so far?

San Gimingano, Tuscany, Italy

Being an industrial engineering major, I didn’t think studying abroad was an option. But, I realized that I didn’t have to study engineering classes abroad, and instead I was able to take a literature and non-literature class. The study abroad office has programs for literally anything you desire so even if you want to take engineering classes in a different country, they will find you the perfect program: all you have to do is ask.

What advice would you give to other Industrial Engineering students thinking about studying abroad?

Honestly, you only have once chance to do something like this and experience a whole new world by yourself. I was able to explore not only Florence, but many other cities and towns nearby that I wasn’t able to visit before. I was scared to even think about studying in another country but in the end, it turned out to be such a truly amazing experience.

How might this experience help you as you return to the IE program and Clemson University?

This experience has helped me appreciate other cultures more than anything. I think the biggest part of this experience was being able to create a new sense of communication with people who do not use English as their native language like we do. I hope to use this experience with Industrial Engineering in jobs that require me to not only communicate with others, but to understand their culture and respect their lifestyle.


If you’re an IE student interested in studying abroad, check out Clemson Abroad for more information, and talk to your advisors to decide how you can best work study abroad into your coursework. Stay tuned next Monday to hear about another #IEAbroad!