Industrial Engineering

Katie Jurewicz on completing her BS, MS, and PhD at Clemson IE


Katie Jurewicz began her journey as a Clemson Industrial Engineering (IE) student in 2011. She graduated with a BS in 2015 and then stayed to get an MS. This May, Katie is expected to graduate with her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with the dissertation: “Using a Bayesian Framework to Develop 3D Gestural Input Systems Based on Context, Expertise, and Exposure.”

As a high school student, Katie knew she wanted to go into engineering. With a family of Clemson fans and growing up in South Carolina, she knew Clemson would be the right choice. Years later, Katie is still happy with her choice.

I have loved every moment of my experience in Clemson IE! I am so proud that I had the opportunity to be part of Clemson IE and wouldn’t change a thing about my experience. My undergraduate and graduate experiences were not easy by any means and required a lot of work. I was successful because of the support of department faculty, staff, and my peers in IE.

Katie’s research is the application of industrial engineering and human factors to healthcare and data analytics. Deciding to pursue a Ph.D. was not a straightforward decision for her. She initially pursued graduate school to set herself up for success as an IE in the healthcare industry. After completing a BS and an MS, Katie struggled with the decision to stay for a Ph.D. At the direction of Clemson IE professor, Dr. David Neyens, Katie was encouraged to continue. After attending the HFES Healthcare Symposium, Katie decided that her career path aligned closely with the Ph.D. program.

I realized that my career and research interests aligned more with those with a PhD, so I decided right then and there that getting a PhD was essential to attaining my career goals. I never saw myself as someone who could go to graduate school, let alone earn a PhD, but I knew the career I wanted and a PhD in IE was my ticket to get me there.

As soon as she began her Ph.D. with Clemson IE, Katie quickly realized that she had made the right decision. As a doctoral student, Katie had the opportunity to be an IE instructor at the undergraduate level—an experience that assured her that pursuing a career in academia was the right choice.

Another big highlight of my IE experience was having the opportunity to teach and be the sole instructor for a class (s/o to all my IE 3610 students!). I am lucky to have had such a wonderful group of students for my first time teaching, and they made that experience so special.

Having been a part of the Clemson IE family for nearly ten years, Katie is proud of all she has accomplished with the help of the Clemson Industrial Engineering Department. With all she has learned in her time at Clemson, Katie is hoping to shape the next generation of industrial engineering with a career in academia.

I am so proud to be earning my PhD in industrial engineering, and I’m excited for the next steps in my career. Clemson IE has fully prepared me to start my career as a professor in academia. Getting a PhD is tough, but earning one now means that I can teach the material I love and inspire students, help mentor and shape the next generation of engineers, and be a leader in healthcare research. All of this would not be possible with the support I have received from faculty, staff, and peers at Clemson throughout my PhD.

Congratulations to Katie on her final graduation from Clemson Industrial Engineering. It has been an honor to have her in the department for nearly the past ten years, and her presence will be sorely missed!