Clemson team wins best paper award.

October 20, 2023

A team led by Drs. Yunyi Jia and Ardalan Vahidi won the Best Paper Award, 2nd Place, in the IEEE International Automated Vehicle Validation Conference (IAVVC) 2023 in Austin, TX. Names of all team-members are shown below.
This is truly a reflection of years of collaboration between the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering in the field of connected and automated vehicles, and an example of the power of teaming up and pooling resources! Clemson’s team prepared an on-site demo of the Mixed Reality based CAV validation platform, which has been well received too. Please join me in congratulating our colleagues on this exceptional recognition!

“An X-in-the-Loop (XIL) Testing Framework for Validation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles”

·        Prakhar Gupta, AuE PhD student 

·        Rongyao (Tony) Wang, AuE PhD student and prior MS/BS in ME at Clemson 

·        Tyler Ard, ME PhD student 

·        Jihun Han, Argonne National Lab 

·        Dominik Karbowski, Argonne National Lab 

·        Ardalan Vahidi 

·        Yunyi Jia

Team photo at Conference
Team members showing display
Team members with demo automobile