Dr. Yue “Sophie” Wang wins $50,000 ARO grant

September 5, 2016

yue wang-145

Yue “Sophie” Wang, the Warren H. Owen – Duke Energy Assistant Professor of Engineering, has won a grant to support the project on “Trust-based Optimal Guidance and Navigation for Multiple Manned-Unmanned Vehicles”. The grant is funded by the Army Research Office.

This project aims at establishing trust-based control and scheduling algorithms for multiple manned and unmanned vehicles teaming as a foundation for next generation survivable systems.

There are 4 tasks for this project:

  1. PI will investigate on how to navigate a team of vehicles passing through desired routes and reduce human workload by choosing optimal autonomy level and designing optimal control law simultaneously
  2. PI will explore and establish quantitative measures for human workload based on human server model and Yerkes-Dodson law.
  3.  PI will investigate simultaneously trust-based optimal switching rules and switching control laws to achieve balanced human workload and vehicle navigation accuracy.
  4. PI will create dynamic pairing and real-time scheduling for multi-human multi-vehicle teaming