New Faculty Faces Fall 2023

August 7, 2023

Mechanical Engineering would like to welcome our new faculty members!

Philippe Giguere

Dr. Giguère is a Clemson Alumni who joined the department in January 2023.  He currently teaches courses in the thermo-fluids area.  Prior to joining Clemson, he had various leadership roles over 22+ years in wind turbine technology and design at General Electric.  While at GE, he was also an instructor for the Edison Engineering Development Program, and he earned his Design for Six Sigma Black Belt certification.  Dr. Giguère’s experience also includes 6 years doing research and consulting work in applied aerodynamics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  He is co-inventors of 8 patents and co-authored 26 publications and 3 books.

Rick Scott

Rick Scott joined the Clemson University Mechanical Engineering Department in 2023. He has 30+ years of experience in the design and analysis of electro-optic infrared sensors, gimbaled turrets, radars, and other electro-mechanical systems. He worked 26 years at Raytheon where he received six patent awards. His technical skills include vibration and shock, finite element (FE) modeling, mechanical design, and opto-mechanical design and analysis. He is enthusiastic about teaching and mentoring. 

J.D. Boyd

Dr. Boyd’s interests include Biofilm adhesion strength, Biocompatibility of medical implanted devices, Surface morphology and Bio-adhesion, Laser-induced stress wave propagation, Engineering education and best practices

Daniel Wilson

Dr. Wilson’s interests include Fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, atomization and spray physics, non-Newtonian liquids, multiphase flow

Cheng Sun

Cheng Sun joined the department as an associate professor in August 2023. Prior to joining Clemson University, he worked at Idaho National Laboratory as a senior scientist and served as the group lead in structural materials. His research addresses fundamental challenges in structural materials, with an emphasis on materials behaviors in extreme environments. The scientific goal is to establish fundamental relationships between atomic structures and mechanical behaviors at non-equilibrium conditions. The research in his group involves experimental techniques, such as additive manufacturing, electron microscopy, and mechanical testing as well as computational modeling including density-functional theory, molecular dynamics, and machine learning. 


Satchit Ramnath

Dr. Ramnath’s interest include Computer aided-engineering, structural/design optimization, Knowledge Based Systems in product design, and (applied) ML in product design.




Yuhao Xu

Yuhao Xu joined the department in August 2023. Before this position, he was an Assistant Professor at Prairie View A&M University, receiving the university’s Outstanding Full-Time Teaching Award and Outstanding Early Researcher Award. He was a Department of Energy Visiting Faculty at Argonne National Laboratory for the Summer of 2023. Dr. Xu’s research explores the applications of multiphase reacting flows toward carbon neutrality and supports future space exploration missions via supercritical water oxidation for wastewater reclamation. His research also focuses on developing practical tools at the micro- and nano-scale to address problems in energy and the environment. Dr. Xu is also passionate about using innovative strategies in STEM education to engage students, especially underrepresented groups in STEM, and improve their educational experience.

Chris Mabey

Dr. Mabey’s interests include Design, Sustainability, Sociotechnical Modeling, Data Driven Design, Agent-Based Modeling, Engineering for Global Development, Social Impact