Winners named for STRIve seed awards

December 5, 2023

The STRIve program aims to foster partnering and pooling of the resources across the ME and AUE campuses, thereby serving as a catalyst for creating highly competitive external proposals. Faculty members of both departments were encouraged to to submit research proposals that could help maximize efficiencies and bring in outside funding. The winners were:

Establishing A Hierarchical Physical-Computational Material Design Framework; PI: Dr. Shunyu Liu (AuE), Co-PIs Drs. Zhen Li (ME), and Enrique Martinez Saez (ME)

Designing as a Service to Create Manufacturing Fixtures at Small & Medium Enterprises; PI: Dr. Gregory Mocko, Co-PIs Drs. Laine Mears (AuE) and Ankit Agarwal (AuE)

Congratulations! We wish the awardees success with building the foundation for fruitful collaborations leading to impactful future research!