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November 15, 2021

Looking Ahead to Final Exams with Clemson Online

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Clemson Online has the tools and resources you need to get prepared for final exams NOW. Get a jump start on ensuring academic integrity and a smooth grading process so when December comes, you won’t be scrambling. Here’s a few things we offer to help you with assigning, monitoring, and grading for finals:

Available Exam Tools

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor – Lockdown Browser is a secure browser that allows teachers to administer tests and quizzes on Canvas while also preventing students from printing, copying, going to other websites, or accessing other applications. Monitor is Lockdown Browser plus webcam monitoring. At the start of exams, Respondus Monitor asks students to confirm their identity and verify the appropriateness of their testing environment. During the exam, Respondus Monitor records the student’s webcam. This recording is examined by a Respondus’ artificial intelligence (AI) to generate an integrity report. Faculty can review the recording to verify the AI’s findings.

Remote Proctor Now – Remote Proctor Now is a cloud-based solution for secure online examination delivery. Using a standard computer webcam with a high speed internet connection, students have the ability to take online proctored exams. Remote Proctor Now authenticates the identity of the test taker and captures the entire exam session which is later reviewed by certified proctors. A report is later provided to the institution with links to the actual video of any suspicious behavior

Available Final Project/Essay Tools

Turnitin – Turnitin encourages student originality and provides instructors a tool to use in the detection of plagiarism in text-based assignments. Turnitin produces an “Originality Report” for a student’s work by making comparisons that look not only for exact word-for-word matches but also for students’ attempts to mask plagiarism by making superficial changes or mixing several sources without attribution. At Clemson, Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, making it easy to create and distribute assignments in a familiar way for students.

Exam Creation/Academic Integrity Presentation & Workshops

Encouraging Academic Integrity in Online Exams and Quizzes – This Quick Hit will walk you through the various integrity tools available for exams. Join us on November 18 at 12:30 pm for this half hour presentation.

Exam Building – Get ready for online final exams with this workshop that includes an overview of Canvas Quizzes and remote proctoring services followed by interactive break-out sessions that include opportunities to build and/or set up your own exams. Join us on November 30 at 10:00 am for this 60 minute workshop.

And remember, if you need one-on-one consulting, you can make a Bookings appointment with a Clemson Online staff member.


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