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January 25, 2021

Coming Soon: COFFEE from Clemson Online

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Clemson Online is excited to announce a new asynchronous online course for Spring 2021: COFFEE, or Clemson Online Furthering Faculty Education and E-Learning. This course is for instructors, whether new or experienced, who want to learn best practices for online teaching and how to create engaging, effective Canvas sites. Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a unique COFFEE badge certifying their skills in online teaching.

COFFEE will cover the following topics:

  • Creating clear learning objectives
  • Building a Canvas course (with templates provided by Clemson Online)
  • Developing varied assessments
  • Creating effective engagement, including scripting and recording an introduction video
  • And more!

COFFEE will run in Canvas for 8 weeks, starting on Monday, February 1. You can register for COFFEE in Tiger Training.

Have questions? Contact Sharyn Emery at:

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