Follow Up Friday

January 22, 2021

In this first edition of Follow Up Friday: peek behind the blog, posts you may have missed, and more

Behind the blog

There is a new team producing the Clemson Online blog and we’d like to introduce ourselves!

  • Chase Sanders is a Digital Learning Designer and graduate of Clemson University. He has a BS in Graphic Communications and is the mastermind behind the blog logos and the branding of all things Clemson Online. He enjoys spending time outside and on the water.
  • Sharyn Emery is a Digital Learning Strategist and writes the Clemson Online blog (hi!). She has a PhD in English from Indiana University and works with Clemson faculty in training and course development. In her downtime, she enjoys running and having couch time with her dog, Roxy.

Recent CO Posts you may have missed:

What’s coming up?


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