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February 10, 2023

Customize your course Dashboard card in Canvas to help students find your course. 

From the Archives:

Dashboard Cards in Canvas

Adding a Dashboard card can help students quickly recognize your course on the Canvas Dashboard.

To add a dashboard card to a course:

  1. Prepare your image. Canvas recommends the image be 262 pixels x 146 pixels, but it can be larger (ours are 524px x 292px to ensure adequate resolution).
  2. Go to Settings in the left navigation bar of your course.
  3. At the top of the Settings page is a box for an image. Click the 3-dot “snowman” and you will be prompted to select or drag an image to upload it.
  4. Save your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the Update Course Details button.

Find downloadable samples and more design ideas in the Faculty Resource Center in Canvas.


Upcoming Events

Expanded Quality Matters Offerings

Clemson Online is proud to announce new opportunities for instructors to gain experience in online course creation, teaching with Canvas, and the Quality Matters course review process. They start March 6 and include:

  • Online Course Bootcamp
  • Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)
  • QM Essentials Review
  • COFFEE: House Blend

Please see the full descriptions and registration links at our Expanded Quality Matters Offerings website.

For applicable participants, these trainings can be listed on annual reviews in the Faculty Success system. Check with your department for specific details. If you have any questions about these training opportunities or any aspect of Quality Matters at Clemson, please email Lori Kinley.

Clemson Online Spring 2023 Events Calendar

Review Clemson Online’s Calendar of Events page for the instructional development events we will offer in Spring 2023.

Contact James Butler with any questions about these sessions.


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