Partnership Spotlight

February 14, 2022

Clemson Online Partners

Today, we at Clemson Online want to spotlight the love we have for our campus partners and the great work we have been able to accomplish with them to help faculty as they deliver quality online education. Our partners offer a variety of essential and unique services to Clemson University. While of course, you have heard of these folks before, we want to highlight a bit of what they assist us with so that you can see just what is available as you develop your online pedagogy and courses.

  • Libraries
    • Clemson Libraries make a host of content resources available for you to use in your course’s Canvas site. Check under “Course Resource Lists” to see a great way for instructors to build reading lists that include library materials (books & articles), videos, web resources, and more.
  • Academic Support Center
    • The Academic Support Center offers Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions for several courses including accounting, biology, chemistry, and several engineering courses. They also offer ASC tutoring sessions. Both PAL and tutoring sessions are available in-person and virtually.
    • The ASC is currently recruiting undergraduate students to become PAL leaders for Fall 2022 so encourage your students to take advantage of this resume-building opportunity!
  • Grad 360°
    • We assist Grad 360° as they support the professional growth of Clemson graduate students and postdoctoral scholars via their self-enroll Grad 360° Recordings On-Demand course.
    • This is a non-credit-bearing that allows graduate students and postdoctoral scholars access to recorded videos on topics such as academic support, personal growth, and career preparation.
  • Cooperative Extension
    • Working to provide education and resources to the general public, Cooperative Extension and Clemson Online work closely with extension agents to deliver online courses.
  • CCIT
    • We are constantly in communication and working with CCIT to provide faculty and staff with speedy and effective resolutions to problems they encounter with learning technology.

Upcoming Training & Programs

  • Live training on writing quality and impactful course objectives. These are the foundation of any course and you can learn with our Instructional Designer, Laura Scott, as she shares what makes for good learning objectives. This Wednesday, February 16th from 1:30 to 2:15 PM. Register here for reminders!
  • COFFEE has self-paced courses available. So, if you are ready to learn some specific tips and tricks about Canvas or just need the basics, you can register for a self-paced option today! Click here for more information.

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