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March 8, 2024

Turning Reading Assignments into Engaging Tasks

According to research less than half of learners actually do the assigned reading. How can instructors combat this resistance and why should they? The Faculty Focus Podcast outlines the importance of creating reading tasks.

Having students who didn’t do the reading will hinder their progress towards course engagement and completion of the learning objectives. Instead of assigning readings, try assigning tasks. This can be done in a few different ways depending on the course content. It is easy to assign a reading and then ask student to submit a reflection paper or discussion post about the reading. However, this still puts the focus on the reading. Instead try taking a course concept and creating an assignment about it. Then use the assigned readings to supplement the task. For example, ask learners to provide examples from the reading or to cite 1-3 quotations from the reading  that support their answer. This makes the reading necessary to complete the task, but does not make the task reading itself.

Create an assignment that combines close ended and open-ended questions from the reading and from class concepts. Some of the questions can be answered straight from the words on the page while some incorporate more analysis and personal perspectives. This makes the reading more relevant so students understand what they are reading and why they are reading it. Students will be more engaged with the reading overall, bringing questions and observations to the discussion. Also try to use the reading during class time or in your lecture videos so students will understand why it is relevant to them to read beforehand.

To ensure students are reading for comprehension, encourage close reading where readers read for a purpose. Set up the course structure and assignments to use reading as tool to be successful. Include a plan for each week and each reading into the syllabus. The tasks assigned with the readings should be clearly explained. Making these reading tasks a grade is optional, but learners may be more incentivized to complete the tasks and the reading if you incorporate them somehow into graded work.

Get Ready for Summer 2024

Do you plan to teach this summer? Clemson Online is proud to announce this year’s Summer teaching initiative. We have timely opportunities for instructors to gain experience in online course creation, teaching with Canvas, and the Quality Matters course improvement process.

Upcoming Events

Workshop Wednesday: Microsoft Accessibility Checkers

Wednesday, March 13th, 1:30-2:30 PM

Join this training to learn more about Microsoft accessibility checkers! Accessibility is crucial in every class. In this training, our Accessibility Coordinator will guide you through using the helpful accessibility checker in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 

Facilitated by Michelle Tuten, Accessibility Coordinator.

Registration: Workshop Wednesday: Microsoft Accessibility Checkers.
Modality: Virtual and synchronous—an Outlook Calendar invite, with the Zoom link, will be sent.

Designing A Flipped Classroom 

Wednesday, March 27th, 1:30-2:30 PM

A flipped classroom design has learners engage with the course content before the scheduled class time. Tune into this training to discover how Canvas can help you utilize a flipped classroom design!

Facilitated by James Butler, Digital Learning Strategist.

Registration: Designing a Flipped Classroom in Canvas.
Modality: Virtual and synchronous—an Outlook Calendar invite, with the Zoom link, will be sent.

Clemson Online Spring 2024 Events Calendar

Review our Spring 2024 Events Calendar to see what Online Instruction Development opportunities await!

We have a robust lineup of topics and live training formats to support your use of Canvas and other e-learning tools. Topics cover demonstrations of using Kaltura, presentations on group assignments in online courses, and workshops to get your Canvas site ready to teach!

All of our live training is recorded. Registrants will automatically receive a link to that day’s video after it has been processed.

Contact Millie Tullis with any questions regarding these sessions.

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