Follow Up Friday

June 18, 2021

Follow Up Friday: MathType and ChemType for Canvas, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

Great news for the College of Science and the College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Science: Clemson Online has purchased a full license from Wiris for MathType and ChemType!

MathType and ChemType are equation editors that let instructors write math equations and chemistry formulas right from the Rich Content Editor toolbar:

Screenshot of Canvas Rich Content Editor showing tool drop-down menu which includes ChemType and MathType.

Screenshot of a list of tools available for Canvas integration, including MathType and ChemType.

Screenshot of MathType tool reading "Insert a math equation - MathType."

Screenshot of Canvas Rich Content Editor showing math formulas.

Students can also use the tool for assignments or exams. Try MathType/ChemType out today, and contact us if you have any questions.

Posts you may have missed

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