National Distance Learning Week 2021

November 8, 2021

Clemson Online Celebrates National Distance Learning Week 2021!

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While the semester may be starting to wind down, Clemson Online is here to support online instruction across the Clemson campus. Whether you teach online or face to face, we can help you make the end of the semester a smoother time. Here’s a round up of services and resources we offer as Fall 2021 moves toward finals:

  • Our Tools Page – check our our list of tools and see what might be helpful. We have proctoring tools, video storage solutions, and detailed help guides for every tool we support.
  • Faculty Resource Center – a self-enroll Canvas site that contains everything you might need for setting up Canvas sites, teaching online, or using any online tools for teaching and learning.
  • Quality Matters at Clemson – interested in a QM review for your online course, or do just want to read up on the process? Check out our public Canvas site for all things QM at Clemson.
  • COFFEE Training Courses – enroll in a COFFEE course next semester! We will have self-paced trainings available in Canvas for online instruction, accessibility, video/visuals, and first year instructors. You can also sign up for a Basics course any time if you need a quick overview of how Canvas works. Email to learn more about COFFEE.

If you have a more in-depth question or problem, why not meet one on one with an experienced member of the Clemson Online staff? We can schedule a Bookings consult to meet any need you might have, from Canvas to writing learning outcomes to setting up Zoom class meetings.

Be sure to bookmark our calendar so you can easily access upcoming workshops and trainings. We have two more scheduled for the rest of the semester, so sign up now!


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