PRTM Alumni Feature: Grace Lenning

October 31, 2022

Students are often intrigued by parks, recreation and tourism management because of its diverse curriculum – and graduate with confidence in their skills for a variety of careers. Recently, we caught up with Grace Lenning, a 2020 graduate from the Clemson University Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, to hear about what she’s been up to since finishing her degree. 

Let’s get to know Grace! 

Q: What was your concentration within the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management? 

A: Tourism and Event Management (formerly, Travel and Tourism) 

Q: Where did you work during your required internship?

A: I interned with Mill Community Ministries where I planned events and managed fundraising. After my required summer internship, I stayed with the organization for almost a year. 

Q: What has your career path looked like post-graduation?

A: Graduating at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was very hard. I bounced around a lot in the beginning but was determined not to let COVID slow my momentum. I worked at the Inn at Patrick Square, sold insurance and managed events and marketing for a bar and restaurant before starting my job with TTi. 

Q: What is your current job?

A: I work for a company called Techtronic Industries in Charlotte, NC as a product coordinator for Hoover floor care. In my role, I participate in every aspect of new product launches – from development and engineering to marketing – and help maintain the quality and marketability of legacy products. 

Q: What are your job responsibilities? 

A: I work with engineers on both development and quality issues. I work with our brand and marketing teams to produce materials for our online retailers, in-store displays and to make sure products are showcased in a way that communicates their value to consumers. I also work with our finance and sales teams to track sales, pricing and costs of products. I wear a lot of hats in this role!

Q: How did your degree in PRTM prepare you for this position?

A: PRTM taught me how to think outside the box. I learned how experience economy can impact the consumer shopping experience and what that means for competitive marketing strategies in any given industry. This knowledge is invaluable in my current role, and I credit PRTM for preparing me to succeed through a diverse learning experience. 

Q: What advice would you give PRTM undergraduates today?

A: Life is wild and weird. Take challenges head on and take opportunities as they come. 

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: PRTM is one of the best, most versatile majors – enjoy it and GO TIGERS!