Tigertorch 2014

April 15, 2014

This past weekend marked the culminating training event for the FTB’s underclassmen, Tigertorch 2014.  Cadets have trained at multiple labs learning about individual and squad movement techniques, the OPORD process, and small-unit infantry tactics.  They were able to put all of their training to use as multiple events challenged their field knowledge and leadership abilities.

The FTX(Field Training Exercise) began with a 0530 showtime and movement to Fants Grove Training Area.  The companies alternated training events and swapped focuses around midday.  Each squad completed two STX(Squad Tactical Exercise) lanes, and were even able to use paintball guns on some of the lanes.  The ability to use the markers greatly enhanced the reality of the situation and improved troop morale.  As well as STX, the squads also participated in team-building activities.  The events were focused on increasing the cohesiveness of the squads.  Cadets were also exposed to proper grenade techniques.

Overall, Tigertorch 2014 was a great success and the FTB’s ML1s and ML2s are prepared for the rigors of their upcoming years of training.

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