Clemson Cadets meet President Trump at National Championship Game

January 21, 2020

During the National Championship Football game on 13 JAN, 2020, two of our Cadets, CDT Flinton and CDT Beasenburg, had the opportunity to meet and sit with President Donald Trump during the Clemson VS LSU football game.  Here are their experiences, first hand:

Meeting the President was such an unreal experience, being able to stand next to him for the National Anthem and sit in the President’s Box was a once and a lifetime experience. I can’t describe the feeling in words. Being out on the field the moment the president came out of the tunnel, the whole stadium erupted, and I couldn’t help myself from wanting to go crazy, but I had to remain focused. It was truly the most insane and best moment of my life! I wish the game could have ended better but the adrenaline rush of meeting the president still has me smiling to this day. My phone was exploding, and it was very cool to see everyone reaching out and posting pictures of the night it’s almost like I got to experience it with all my closest friends and family! I’m just very happy to have the opportunity to represent Clemson Army ROTC in such a cool scenario!

 – CDT Flinton, Cameron

As part of representing Clemson University, during the National Championship, it is hard for me to express what an honor it was to be on the field with President Trump and the First Lady. Being very nervous to not only represent our respective branches, but also representing our universities and families, I found great comfort in his genuineness and the first ladies poise and confidence. Being able to not only shake hands with but speak to them both was a humbling experience and one I will never forget. To say that, as a Cadet, you were able to meet the Commander and Chief and the First Lady is something only very few people can say, and I take pride in knowing I was one of those few. As we marched on the field and had the President and First Lady walking with us, it was such a surreal moment due to the loudness of the crowd and the chanting of “USA”. However, one special memory I will always remember is hearing the President of the United States sing the National Anthem. After the National Anthem was over, the Cadets were able to speak directly to the President and First Lady. However, it was at this time I spoke to the First Lady, one on one, about her worldwide assistance within specific charities and what she strives to push for as First Lady in the upcoming months. Once the President was safely moved, we were escorted to the box where we met many celebrities and sat in his box for about 15 minutes. This once in a lifetime opportunity just intensified my pride in knowing that I will commission in the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant in May.

– CDT Beasenburg, Madison

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