Objective 2

Objective 2 – Discover Genomics To Enable Breeding Solutions for ARR Resistance/Tolerance

Summary of Objective 2

Comprehensive understanding of the molecular basis of ARR resistance will facilitate the discovery of genetic resistant mechanisms and development of biomarkers. Prunus breeders will use molecular tools to precisely track and predict ARR resistance in germplasm screenings and directed crosses.

Obj. 2a. Genome characterization of ARR resistant germplasm

Team Lead: C. Saski

Team Members: K. Gasic, A. Iezzoni, T. Gradziel, K.  Baumgartner

Obj. 2b. Characterize the transcriptomic response to infection

Team Lead: C. Saski

Team Members: N. Tharayil, K. Gasic, J. Adelberg

  • RNA-seq experiment (A) to look at gene expression profiles revealed both a constitutive and induced response to armillaria (B).
  • A set of 4 candidate genes, mostly in the Glutathione S-transferase family, was identified as associated with tolerant response to Armillaria spp. in MP-29.


Obj. 2c. Characterize the metabolic response to infection

Team Lead: N. Tharayil

Team Members: C. Saski, K. Gasic, J. Adelberg