Objective 5

Objective 5 – Conduct Outreach and Extension Activities To Facilitate the Adoption of Results.

Summary of Objective 5

Stakeholder education on benefits of adopting new cultural practices and planting resistant rootstocks will improve profitability and ensure sustainability of the U.S. stone fruit and affiliated nursery industries.

Outreach activities will target peach, cherry, and almond growers
affected by ARR so that new knowledge can be quickly disseminated, and feedback
obtained. In addition, outreach efforts will also target tree-fruit nurseries, as they are key
partners in delivering genetic solutions to producers.
• Regional and local growers’ meetings will be utilized for direct interaction with the
stakeholders and nurserymen to facilitate the adoption of resistant rootstocks and
root-collar excavation.
• County agents and members of the Advisory Panel will communicate directly with

Team Lead: J.C. Melgar

Team Members: G. Reighard, D. Chavez, P. Brannen, G. Schnabel, K. Baumgartner, R. Hammerschmidt, T. Gradziel, K. Gasic

Roundtable discussion- Savannah, GA

Levee plow demonstration