Objective 4

Objective. 4 – Determine the Economic Effect of ARR and Cost-Benefit of Cultural Practice Adoption

Summary of Objective 4

The proposed cultural practices and newly developed/discovered rootstocks promise to reduce the economic and social impacts of ARR on stone fruit production. An understanding of how increased tree cost impacts the long-term profitability is an essential component of an overall production budget, decisions, and long-term viability of
the industry.

Team Lead: M. Vassalos

Team Members: T. Mark, G. Schnabel, D. Chavez, K Baumgartner, T. Gradziel, A. Iezzoni, G. Reighard, J.C. Melgar

Peach orchard on ARR replant site in 6th (A), 8th (B) and 12th(C) year after planting. (Photo courtesy of Chalmers Carr, Titan Farms, Ridge Spring, SC.)