Clemson Division of Research

Introducing an easier way to manage research safety

The Division of Research rolled out a new digital solution from BioRAFT that makes it easier for faculty, staff and students to complete safety training, inventory chemicals and other materials, track safety equipment, and complete other safety tasks.

This secure, intuitive online platform provides automated reminders to help faculty complete safety tasks quickly and return to their research. BioRAFT replaces the current method of searching for training materials online, emailing documents to Research Safety staff, trying to track down laboratory personnel to check training status, and searching for chemical hazard information and safety data sheets (SDSs).

Researchers at other universities reported spending 60.5% less time on average completing the top 15 common safety tasks when using BioRAFT. Additionally, researchers spent 53%-84% less time on training and other safety specific tasks, allowing more time to focus on research while incorporating safety into their daily activities.

BioRAFT offers several features:

  • Easily access SDSs and track inventories of chemicals and hazardous materials using Chemtracker.
  • Manage safety and other research equipment.
  • Streamline inspections and follow-ups.
  • Complete online training and track training requirements and statuses for PIs and lab and research area members.
  • Easily access safety documents and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

BioRAFT is accessible online here. Log in with your Clemson University ID and password and follow the Quick Start Guide.

The BioRAFT site is compatible with your mobile device.

BioRAFT offers several different “modules” for specific tasks, such as inventorying chemicals, scheduling inspections or meeting training requirements. Those modules will be implemented in the following steps:

  • As of Aug. 1 –  Bioraft is live for PIs and supervisors to set up their labs and work areas.
  • As of Aug. 15 –  Online training is now available.
  • Sept. 30 – Inspection module becomes available.
  • Oct. 30 – Chemtracker and SDS becomes available.
  • Nov. 30 – Equipment module becomes available.

The Office of Research Safety will notify faculty via email from the BioRAFT platform when new modules are available.


Please read the FAQs here.

Research Safety will conduct BioRAFT training throughout campus during the fall semester. You can also submit questions about this new platform to