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Tanju Karanfil wearing a dark suit jacket with a Clemson tiger paw on the lapel

Tanju Karanfil Dear Colleagues,  Welcome back! I am excited for us to continue the outstanding momentum of the past several years. As you embark on another successful academic year, I have several updates to assist with your research, scholarship and creative endeavors. We have announced the application deadlines for our R-Initiative funding programs. These investments nurture research, scholarship […]

Our Peers are Taking Notice

A man in a dark suit jacket with a Clemson tiger paw on the lapel

Tanju Karanfil In late November, we were afforded a distinct opportunity to showcase our facilities, our capabilities, and most importantly, our people to one of the nation’s most influential scientists. National Science Foundation director Sethuraman Panchanathan left our Greenville campus impressed with what we are building here together, particularly with our success in collaborating with […]

VPR Blog: The Far-Reaching Impact of R-Initiatives

Tanju Karanfil

Since we released the R-Initiative funding programs in 2017, we have invested $10 million in research projects involving nearly 600 faculty members. Funds have been distributed to every college. On R-Initiatives awarded through 2020, faculty members have authored 10 books; published 83 articles and presentations; conducted 11 art exhibitions and residencies; hired 23 postdocs and […]