City of Greenville Public Works – SC CIVIL ENGINEER (ENVIRONMENTAL) – 1118

December 3, 2018

Job Description

Brief Description of the Job

Reviews construction plans and technical reports for stormwater management, storm sewer design, and sanitary sewer design to assure environmental compliance.  Coordinates with City Sewer Operations, other sub districts, Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), DHEC and design professionals. Prepares annual reports for the City’s Phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program to ensure that the six minimum control measures are met. Manages the construction of the City’s capital improvement projects, ensures contractor conformance with the contract, plans, and specifications.  Provides design and project management for remedial projects. Performs sanitary sewer capacity analyses. Prepares Sanitary Sewer Annual Report to show progress made towards rehabilitation of system.  Responds to citizen calls for stormwater/flooding complaints, which involve computer mapping, floodplain report investigation, and site investigations.