Emeritus College

2016 Memorials

Dr. Ricardo A. Garcia, passed away December 27, 2016  Associate Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, he retired in 2012 with 34 years of service to Clemson University.


Dr. Gordon W. Gray, passed away November 9, 2016   Dean and Professor Emeritus of Education, was a native of Greeneville, Tennessee and enjoyed his retirement in Sarasota, Florida.


Dr. Mica Grujicic, 1952-2016   Wilfred P. and Helen S. Tiencken Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, he received his degrees from MIT and Belgrade University in Yugoslavia. Dr. Grujicic came to Clemson in 1988 and served the University and its students for 28 years. Dr. Grujicic was a highly published researcher and served on several graduate student committees. He was a consultant for several organizations.


Dr. James William Harrison, Jr., passed away in 2016   Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Dr. R Lynn Harwell, 1929-2016   Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Applied Economics, he grew up in a small town on the Texas High Plains on a farm. After undergraduate work at the University of Texas, he farmed and ranched for 22 years before returning to graduate school. He earned his Master’s degree from Texas A&M and his PhD from Oklahoma State University. He was on the faculty of Clemson University for 22 years. Upon retirement, he and his wife ran a beef cattle and meat goat farm.


Dr. John Willis Kennelly, Jr., 1935-2016   Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences, he received his degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Mississippi, and University of Florida. He had a long and distinguished career having been the chief reader for Educational Testing Services, past treasurer if the Mathematics Association or America and past president of the International Math Olympiad. Dr. Kennelly also worked with organizations that dealt with the SAT and ACT as well as the Advanced Placement program. He was a member of the Clemson Rotary Club and served on the board of Hospice of the Foothills.


Dr. Stephen James Klaine, 1952-2016  Director and Professor Emeritus of Environmental Toxicology, he received his degrees from the University of Cincinnati and Rice University. Dr. Klaine served Clemson University for 24 years and was a internationally acclaimed scientist who founded the Environmental Toxicology Graduate Degree program at Clemson. He also was the Director of the Institute of Environmental Toxicology at Clemson. Dr. Klaine’s number one, most valued legacy is teaching, which is embodied in the development of 40 Doctoral students and 45 masters students. He and his students presented more than 600 presentations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally at scientific meetings. He produced 125+ publications and 6000+citations during his career. He attracted over $20 million in extramural funding during his career as well.


Dr. John C. Richardson, 1935-2016   Professor Emeritus of Education and Human Development, he served two years of active service in the US Army and another 18 years in the US Army Reserves. Dr. Richardson was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor awarded by the state of South Carolina for his work in rural schools and with children with special needs. He retired in 1996 after 18 years of service to Clemson University.


Dr. Taze Leonard Senn, 1928-2016  Department Chair ad Professor Emeritus of Horticulture, he earned his degrees from Clemson College and the University of Maryland. He served in the Corps of Cadets at Clemson and in the US Navy during WWII. He retired in 1981 after 39 years of service to the University. His esteemed career was recognized by the multitude of awards he won, including the Danforth Teaching Fellowship, the only South Carolinian in Agriculture to ever receive this award. He also received the Thomas Green Clemson Medallion, the highest award given by Clemson University. Senn founded the South Carolina Botanical Gardens, of which 44 acres are dedicated in his honor.


Dr. John “Jack” Lovett Stevenson, 1928-2016  Associate Dean, Director and Professor Emeritus of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, he received degrees from Davidson College, Union Theological Seminary, and Indiana University. Dr. Stevenson came to Clemson in 1968 where he served as the director of Calhoun Honors College and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies until his retirement in 1991. He served as pastor or interim pastor at several Presbyterian churches in Clemson and the surrounding communities.


Dr. Robert Dewitt Tollison, passed away on October 24, 2016  J. Wilson Newman Professor Emeritus of Economics, he received his degrees from Wofford College, the University of Alabama, and the University of Virginia. He had previously been on the faculty of Cornell, Texas A & M, Virginia Tech, George Mason and the University of Mississippi before coming to Clemson. He served in the Nixon and Reagan Administrations in many roles including Senior Economist at the Council of Economic Advisors. Dr. Tollison was asked to testify before Congress on many occasions. Dr. Tollison’s academic work was transcendent and voluminous with his principles of economics textbook educating and influencing generations of college students. His capacity to engage and mentor graduate students was legendary having signed more that 150 PhD dissertations and Masters theses. He loved sports, especially Clemson, and also was an active participant especially in basketball and tennis. He wore a smile that never went away and had a nearly perfect memory.


Dr. Myles Stuart Wallace, 1946-2016  Professor Emeritus of Economics, he received his degrees from the University of Colorado. Following his undergraduate degree he served in the US Air Force for several years. He was on the faculty at the University of Tennessee -Chattanooga and Western State College in Colorado before coming to Clemson. Dr. Wallace traveled and worked throughout the world. He enjoyed teaching, researching, traveling,biking, kayaking, and skiing. He retired from Clemson after 22 years of state service.


Dr. Samuel Marsh Willis, 1928-2016   Director, Dean and Professor Emeritus of Industrial Management, he was a native of Greenwood, South Carolina. He received his degrees from Clemson College, Georgia Tech and the University of Alabama. Dr. Willis not only taught in the newly formed Industrial Management department beginning in 1964 but he also served as the director for the expansion campus in Sumter (now USC-Sumter) which honored him in 2011 and as the Dean of University Extension while at Clemson. After retiring from Clemson, he returned to teaching at Augusta College and fully retired in 1988 to spend more time with his grandchildren.


Dr. Thomas Virgil Wilson, 1922-2016   Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, he received his degrees from Clemson College, Purdue University and North Carolina State University. Dr. Wilson served in the Army Infantry and as a B-17 bomber pilot in WWII. After his service, he taught at the University of Georgia, Purdue University, NC State University and Clemson University where he retired in 1984. He was an active member of The American Society of Agricultural Engineers and the American Geophysical Union. He authored or coauthored over thirty technical papers primarily on watershed hydrology.