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Focused-Discussion Brown-Bag Lunches

Focus-Discussion Lunches for Spring 2018

One thing that distinguishes us as academics is the general aversion to always sitting quietly (more or less) listening to someone else’s thoughts. We like to talk through big ideas with other generally-well-informed people. And nothing beats the lively exchange when there are contrasting viewpoints!

Now that EC faculty members have a great, configurable space in which to meet, we’re organizing twice-monthly focused-discussion brown-bag lunches. The idea is that the topic will be set and announced in advance of each discussion over lunch, giving participants the opportunity to bring materials that relate to the topic. A tentative discussion topic is set for each meeting, although those can be modified and augmented as we go. There’s no enrollment, and no required preparation. Pack a lunch or grab something on the way to the EC. Don’t worry about a beverage. We’ll have water and coffee ready, and there’s a soft-drink machine close by. Mark your calendars for 11:30 am on these Tuesdays:

Click on the topic links for more information about the  focused-discussion

January 9: Defining Democracy


January 23: Crypto-Currency and the IRS on Crypto-Currency


February 13:  Rules-based International Order – What is Liberal International Order? and The Internationalists Review


February 27: Consumer Applications of Technology


March 6: Brainstorm Emeritus College Programming


March 27: Climate Science:Fact and Fiction


April 3: Fair Taxation


April 24: GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Foods


May 8: Changing Social Norms


May 22: Pros and Cons of Euthanasia