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King, Sandy

Dr. Sandy KingProfessor Emeritus of Languages, began teaching at Clemson University in 1971 and taught there until he retired in 2006.

Sandy’s research agenda as a professor was the history of photography and he wrote and published several scholarly books on the subject, including The Photographic Impressionists of Spain: A History of the Aesthetics and Technique of Pictorial Photography, New York, 1989, Schmidt de las Heras: Fotografías 1944-1960. La Coruñ

Dr. Sandy King, Professor Emeritus of Languages

a (Spain), 1999, and El impresionismo fotográfico en España: Una historia de la técnica y de la estética de la fotografía pictorialista, Zarautz (Spain), 2000.

In the early 1970s Sandy became interested in creative photography and since that time has photographed extensively in his home areas of North and South Carolina, in other areas of the US, and also in Canada, China, Mexico, Turkey, and Spain.  His work has been exhibited widely and published in such magazines as Photovision, Silvershotz, View Camera, and most recently in Looking Glass Magazine, #15, 2016.

Sandy works in a beautiful and rare 19th century printing process called carbon transfer, molding traditional craft of the early days of photography with tools of the digital age to create a unique vision of reality. The work is presented in many shades of

monochrome, as well as color, and has surface and textural qualities that are not possible in other photographic media. He has been primarily in the hand-made photograph. Making a photograph by hand, is a fascinating adventure in which one has maximum control over the printmaking syntax, which determine the final, tangible qualities of the photograph as object, including its color, texture, tonal scale and reflective qualities.

Sandy’s most recent publications include the following books:

 The Carbon Print, with John Lockhart. Self-published 2017.

Handcrafted: The Art and Practice of the Handmade Print. With Christina Anderson, Zhong Jianming, and Sam Wang. Hangzhou, China: Zhejiang Province Arts Publishing, 2014.

He is currently involved in writing another book on carbon printing that will be published by Focal Press and has work in exhibitions at PhotoCentral in Hayward, California and at Gold Street Studios in Trentham West, Australia. Dr. King’s work can be seen at the Emeritus College Gallery in Pendleton.