Emeritus College

Kimbler, Del

Dr. Del  Kimbler, Professor Emeritus in Industrial Engineering retired in 2008.  He has worked in photography since his teens and began exhibiting as he neared retirement. He was a supporter of The Arts Center in Clemson from its inception, and is a member of the Anderson Artist Guild. Del is a member of the Pendleton Square Artist Cooperative. Dr. Kimbler received his BSE from the University of South Florida 1976 and his PhD from Virginia Tech 1980. Del came to Clemson Univer

Head shot of Del Kimbler has glasses, beard and wearing plaid shirt
Dr. Del Kimbler, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering

sity in January of 1987 in the department of Industrial Engineering, where he retired in 2008. Since his retirement, Del has had several notable publications which, include:

  • Seasons of Clemson, Upstate Center for the Arts, Clemson 2010 (editor). A book of community photography.

  • Emeritus College 2003-2013, Clemson University, Clemson 2013, D. L. Kimbler, Fred Sias and Deborah Thomason. Original photography and text with community contributions.

  • Six invited works for Now and Then (curated exhibition), Pickens County Museum, 2012

  • Dreamscape #1, Clemson Photoclub 4th Annual Member Show awarded Best in Show, 2013

  • Shipshapes #3, Anderson Artist Guild Member Show, purchase award, 2016

Member of the Pendleton Square Artist Cooperative, which operates the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square, a retail gallery exhibiting art created by its members. Del also serves as treasurer of the cooperative. He has used his exhibition experience to coordinate display of emeriti art in the office and meeting areas of the Emeritus College. Dr. Kimbler’s work also is on display at the Emeritus College Gallery in Pendleton.