Emeritus College

Fitch, Lew

Older gentleman with glasses playing a wood recorder
Dr. Lew Fitch, Professor Emeritus, during his presentation at the College.

Dr. Lewis Fitch, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Computer and Electrical Engineering, retired in 1994 and has enjoyed music since his retirement.

Book Details: Wrote a humorous article about a peculiar contract for a musician and its consequences, published in The International Double Reed Journal .

Exhibition Details: Learned to play the bassoon on retiring. Since then, have appeared in numerous orchestral performances in Anderson, Clemson Central and Greer. Have played sax and occasionally double bass in several local groups, and appeared regularly for the last ten years in a woodwind quintet. Have performed on the recorder in the U.S. England, France and Uraguay. Most recently gave a talk on the recorder at the Clemson University Emeritus College. Directed a Recorder Music workshop at the Carolina Mountains Recorder society

Volunteer Details: Playing Contra Bassoon in the Foothills Symphony in Greer.