Emeritus College

Liska, Roger

Dr. Roger Liska, Professor Emeritus of Construction Science and Management and Department Chair, retired in 2017. Roger states that being recently full retired, he is still learning how to be retired and these things are keeping him busy but he is having fun doing them:

  1. I am serving as the Weaveonline assessment consultant for the College of AAH working with the various academic and non-academic units in improving and completing their annual reports and plans.  In this role I meet with individual assessment directors and department chairs to help them with their unique assessment situations and have been conducting workshops for the same groups on assessment matters with the objective of helping them improve their respective programs.

  2. I am serving as Chair of the national American Institute of Constructors Constructor Certification Commission.  This is the national Commission that awards professional certifications based on meeting minimum educational qualifications and passing a national third-part examination over the skills and knowledge required of a professional constructor similar to State Licensing of Engineers and Architects.  The only difference is that certification is voluntary while state licensing is not.

  3. I serve as a member of the American National Standards Institute Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee.  The mission  of this national committee is to review applications for accreditation from various types of national private and public organizations who desire to award certifications to their members. It is similar to national regional university accrediting groups such as SACS that accredits Clemson University and other universities in the southeast.

  4. I am teaching a master degree class this semester for the Construction Science and Management Department on Construction Personnel Management on a part-time basis.

 AWARDS: Inducted into the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities Hall of Fame on Friday, March 9, 2018, as a member of the second class of inductees.