Emeritus College


AROHE Innovation Award Celebration with Campus Partners

The celebration on October 31, 2018 was a great tribute to the two award winning programs – the Clemson English-Speaking Proficiency (CESP) test and its follow up, the Conversations with International Students (CIS) program. Working together, these programs significantly enhance participating students’ English language skills and cultural awareness. The pair of programs received accolades from the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) for benefiting students, improving instruction, and enhancing campus diversity.  Provost Jones was present to receive the award and gave high praise to the College as well as the emeriti volunteers who operate the two programs. He stated, “I don’t know of any other place that I’ve ever seen an organization like yours be that dedicated to an institution and we feel it.”  Provost Jones went on to say that the administration is thankful to emeritus faculty and the contributions provided by the CESP/CIS programs as well as to the university as a whole. Stop by the Emeritus College to see the award!


one female and five males standing for picture with trophy/award
Award presentation to Provost Jones (L to R: Richardson, Hill, Beyerlein, Jones Silvers, Warner)
Award and purple and orange helium balloons
Award given to programs at the AROHE Conference
Female and Male standing at front of meeting with female speaking towards male
Elaine Richardson, Professor Emerita of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and Provost Bob Jones
Professor standing and speaking with two international students
Jerry Trapnell, Professor Emeritus of Accountancy and Dean, speaks with two student participants