Shout Out to Dr. Margaree Crosby

April 8, 2020

Dr. Margaree Crosby- First African American Professor Emerita at Clemson University

CleRecent head shot embedded in photo of young African American teensmson’s over 800 emeritus faculty have all contributed in so many ways to not only Clemson but the community, the greater good and throughout the world. Mark Anthony Williams Jr. has agreed to assist one such faculty member in her quest to record her amazing history of contributions. Dr. Margaree Crosby, Professor Emerita of Curriculum and Instruction, has paved the way for progress throughout her lifetime. As a student at South Carolina State University, she actively protested social issues most notable the July 16, 1960 sit-in at the downtown Greenville Library System. She and seven of her peers (including her good friend Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.) selected a book and sat down to read, only to swiftly be confronted by local police resulting in her and the others arrest. The “Greenville 8’s” case elevated through the courts and the library was later closed and reopened as an integrated public facility.

Dr. Crosby served Clemson University with dignity, thoughtfulness and her attitude for positive change. She has championed mentorship as a service we should all provide to our community and her dedication to this goal can be found in the students and young people she guided throughout the years. While Dr. Crosby has had some health challenges in the recent years,  that has not slowed down her ability to instill change. In its 100 year history, she went on to become the first female member of the Board of Trustees at the Greenville Hospital System.

We look forward to Dr. Crosby’s biography and cannot wait to read more about a life well-lived. Bravo Dr. Crosby!!


*Excerpted from Facebook post  Mark Anthony Williams, Jr.

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