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Emeritus Professor Receives International Recognition!

Clemson Educator Receives William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award in Technology and Engineering Education


Clemson University educator William “Bill” Havice, PhD, Distinguished Technology Educator (DTE) received the 2021 International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award at its Virtual Conference held online March 22-27, 2021.

This award was established to acknowledge Dr. William E. Dugger’s life’s work and collaborative efforts to advance the mission of technological literacy for all. This award is presented annually to an individual or collaborative group who has established a sustained record of outstanding service to the field of technology and engineering education. To qualify for this award, the recipient must be an ITEEA member and have made significant contributions and resulting impact to ITEEA or technology and engineering education.

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Dr. Havice, a professor emeritus of Educational and Organizational Leadership Development in the Clemson University Emeritus College, was selected for his many years of outstanding work as a technology teacher educator and for significant contributions to Technology and Engineering Education through collaboration.

Dr. Havice co-developed a career leadership and professional development initiative titled “Twenty-first Century Leadership Academy Program” that enhances leadership and professional development opportunities for junior faculty in ITEEA. For the past fourteen years, the program has provided an opportunity for rising technology educators from across the world to develop as professional leaders, develop community and have experiences related to the promotion of technology and engineering education and technological literacy in schools.

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