Emeritus College

2020-2021 Emeritus College Exhibitor Honor Roll

The Emeritus College extends their gratitude to the following emeriti for their generous loans of bound publications or creative works for display. These displays make the Emeritus College suite a truly special place!

John Acorn (Gallery)

James Barker (Gallery)

John Bednar (Bound Publication)

Harold Cheatham (Bound Publication)

Jan Comfort (Gallery-Quilt)

Lynn Craig (Bound Publication)

Sydney Cross (Gallery)

Tom Dimond (Gallery)

Skip Eisiminger (Bound Publication)

M. David Egan (Bound Publication)

Lew Fitch (Gallery-Music CDs)

Robert P. Green, Jr. (Bound Publication)

Wm. Michael Hood (Bound Publication)

Debra Jackson (Bound Publication)

Steven Katz (Gallery-Framed Prose)

Del Kimbler (Gallery and Bound Publication)

Sandy King (Bound Publication)

Yuji Kishimoto (Gallery)

Del Kimbler (Gallery and Bound Publication)

Michael Kohl (Bound Publication)

Jerry Lambert (Bound Publication)

Rob Roy McGregor (Bound Publication)

Don McKale (Bound Publication)

John Morse (Bound Publication)

James Navratil (Bound Publication)

Tom Parks (Bound Publication)

B. Merle Shepherd (Bound Publication)

Fred Sias (Bound Publication)

Dolores Stegelin (Bound Publication)

William Stringer (Bound Publication)

David Stroup (Gallery)

Karyna Szmurlo (Bound Publication)

David Tillinghast (Bound Publication)

Sam Wang (Gallery and Bound Publication)