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March 22, 2021

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Clemson Online is proud to announce updates to the Ensemble Video Platform

There are some important new updates to Ensemble, Clemson’s video hosting platform. Every instructor at Clemson University has access to their own Ensemble account using their institutional credentials. You can find the login page at:

Clemson’s Ensemble administrator Michael Blackwell gave us an overview of the update: “Most of the changes in this update are quality and performance improvements along with a few new features. Users should notice improved performance while browsing the website and viewing videos. Instructors may see reduced processing time when uploading new content due to increased encoding capacity. Ensemble continues to evolve over time and CCIT is always looking for ways to improve the user experience.”

Here are the new features to be on the lookout for:

  • New Playlist Options: Instructors can now customize the appearance of videos in a playlist by selecting one of many new layout choices.
  • Video Dropbox Improvement: Learners can now record and submit their video directly at the dropbox assignment link page by using the new Ensemble Video Chrome Recorder Extension.
  • New Editing Options: Instructors and learners can use the new “chop” function to remove portions of their uploaded or recorded video that they no longer want.
  • Video Notes Feature: Learners can now create their own notes directly next to a video while watching it. These notes can be shared or saved, and every note created has a corresponding timestamp, making it easy to find the part of the video it refers to.
  • Video Comments Feature: Instructors or learners can post comments and replies on a video that can be seen by other viewers. This can be used for discussions or to ask and answer questions.
  • Import from YouTube: Users can now import videos directly from YouTube into their Ensemble library/playlists.
  • Improved Encoding Speed: Videos uploaded to Ensemble will be available more quickly, and with fewer delays.

Don’t forget about COFFEE: Accessibility

There’s plenty of time to register and get started with our accessibility training course. This COFFEE track will help you learn how to accommodate different learners in your online (and face to face) classes. Topics covered will include making Canvas pages and assignments accessible, captioning videos, and more.

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