Do you have questions about exams? Clemson Online has the answers!

September 13, 2021

POP QUIZ: Who should you consult for assistance creating, administering, and grading online exams?

ANSWER: Clemson Online!

We can help you with unit exams, midterms, finals – for any test you want to give in Canvas, we have you covered. Here are just a few of our resources and tools for effective exams.

Clemson Online supports proctoring tools to help maintain academic integrity while giving exams. These tools integrate with Canvas and have settings that can be adjusted for each exam:

For crafting exams in Word or other compatible software and importing them to Canvas:

For any essay or short answer exams that can’t be graded automatically, use the SpeedGrader tool in Canvas:

Clemson Online is hosting a 1 hour workshop about building exams in Canvas on Thursday, September 14 at 10 am. Join us in our Zoom meeting.

On September 23, we are hosting a Quick Hit about preparing for midterms – this will be a short, 30 minute talk about best practices and tips to make your life easier. Join us at 12:30 in our Zoom meeting.

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