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June 7, 2024

Introducing Zoom’s AI Assistant

Zoom's AI Companion announcement and associated logo
Zoom’s AI Companion Announcement

Last September, Zoom launched its very own generative AI assistant called AI Companion. The technology is simple, effective, and quite powerful. Since its original release, Zoom has updated the program with some additional features. This updated version of AI Companion is available to all Clemson users as of June 3, 2024. Below is a brief overview of the program’s in-meeting features to help you get acquainted. Please note that according to Zoom’s terms of use, no user data is used to train any AI models. All of these features are optional.

Meeting Summaries

During a Zoom meeting, the host can enable the “Meeting Summary” feature to generate a comprehensive meeting summary. This summary is automatically shared with the host and can also be shared with other participants via email and Team Chat, provided that continuous meeting chat is available. This ensures that everyone stays informed and can easily reference key points from the meeting.

Questions Feature

When AI Companion’s “Questions” feature is enabled, the program can provide answers to various queries about a Zoom meeting. Participants can request a summary of the meeting up to that point or ask specific questions about the discussion. This feature allows attendees to quickly catch up on what they might have missed or gain clarity on particular points, enhancing overall understanding and engagement during the meeting.

Smart Recordings

When “Smart Recording” is enabled, cloud recordings are automatically organized into chapters, and highlights are generated. These chapters and highlights can be easily shared and viewed by others, making it simpler to navigate and review key parts of the recording. This feature enhances accessibility and allows users to quickly find and reference important sections of the meeting.

Reach out to CCIT for any questions or concerns regarding Zoom’s AI Companion!

Overall, Zoom’s updated AI Companion promises to be an extremely useful generative AI assistant. Its new features for live meetings provide users with efficient and streamlined solutions for generating meeting summaries, smart recordings, and overall meeting management strategies. These enhancements are designed to improve productivity and ensure that participants can easily access and share important information from their meetings.

AI in Online Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, June 12th, 1:30-2:30 PM

Clemson Online Logo
Clemson Online Logo

Join this training to learn more about the impact of AI on online learning and higher education. We will cover what impacts AI tools have on online learning, concrete ways to incorporate AI tools into your online teaching and course design to benefit your work, and ethical considerations when using these tools. When registering, please include any questions you have about this training topic.

Facilitated by James Butler, Digital Learning Strategist.

Registration: AI and Online Learning.

Contact Millie Tullis with any questions about these sessions.

Clemson Online Summer 2024 Events Calendar

Review our Summer 2024 Events Calendar to see what Online Instruction Development opportunities await!

We have a robust lineup of topics and live training formats to support your use of Canvas and other e-learning tools. Topics cover demonstrations of using Kaltura, engaging your students, and workshops to get your Canvas site ready to teach!

All of our live training is recorded. Registrants will automatically receive a link to that day’s video after it has been processed.

Contact Millie Tullis with any questions regarding these sessions.

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