Follow Up Friday

April 23, 2021

A parchment diploma tied with a red ribbon.This week: reflecting on achievement, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

This week’s teaching tip (to see: check our social media channels in the right hand links menu) was about closing out your semester with your learners effectively. It can be helpful to students to review what they’ve learned since they first entered your classroom. It’s easy to lose sight of accomplishments when you are stressed out over taking – or grading – finals, so for the benefit of both learners and instructors, take some out to remind yourselves of what you’ve achieved.

One strategy is to set aside time in your final class meeting to review your course learning objectives or outcomes, and discuss how the learners met those objectives. Learners may not always make these connections on their own, so take some time to show them just how much they’ve done in your course. It can foster feelings of accomplishment and pride, which are often needed around this time of the year.

Finally, reminding students of what they’ve learned and accomplished can have positive impacts on course evaluations. It can be a challenge to think back over a full semester of several classes, so reviewing topics and demonstrating how your students met their learning objectives can help them submit honest and complete evaluations.

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