Make Finals a Cinch

April 19, 2021

Clemson Online’s painless guide to getting through finals

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As the semester starts winding down, make sure you’ve got everything you need to finish strong. From exam proctoring tools to organizing your Canvas Gradebook, we have the tools you need! Read on for suggestions:

Virtual Drop-In: Every Monday and Thursday, from 10-4 in our Zoom meeting room. Our team can help you with any questions you have about Canvas, Zoom, and any other tech supported by Clemson Online. Feel free to stop by with your end of semester concerns. Zoom link available at the Events Page.

Test your testing tech: You can compare all of our test proctoring tools at the Clemson Online website.

Find resources: Our Faculty Resource Center (FRC) is a free, self-enrolling Canvas site that can help you with a variety of finals week issues.

Make the most of your gradebook: The links below from the Canvas Instructor Guide address some common end of semester concerns regarding the Canvas Gradebook.


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