Use Canvas to Create Courses for the Public

April 26, 2021

Try converting your for-credit course to a non-credit course!

Have you ever thought about making your specialty course available to more than just Clemson students? Clemson Online is running a workshop on Thursday, April 29 at 10 am that will help you reach a wider audience by converting your course to non credit and teaching it through Canvas. Dr. Lori Kinley will provide the steps in creating, listing, and promoting the course; Clemson Online will support the courses in Canvas and assist with any trouble shooting you might need. Think about Canvas in a whole new way and share your expertise with communities outside Clemson! Register for the workshop at Tiger Training.


COFFEE: Basics starts May 3!Purple Tiger logo holding a coffee mug

Do you feel like you might need a crash course in Canvas, Clemson’s Learning Management System (LMS)? Do you need a refresher on how to edit your profile or what the tools in Canvas even do? Whether you are just starting out with Canvas or new to teaching an online course, COFFEE: Basics will help you get fully up to speed with a hands on, interactive course and supportive facilitators who can answer your questions. This is an asynchronous course that will last for two weeks – you can register at Tiger Training.




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