Learning the Features of Canvas is Simple in COFFEE: Basics!

September 20, 2021

Become a Canvas Insider

Clemson Online is now offering a 2-part, self-guided training course in the Basic features of Canvas. COFFEE: Basics is a great opportunity for instructors, staff, and Extension Agents to learn the foundations of Canvas, from logging in and editing your profile to creating and organizing content. Read below for the topic breakdown in each course:

COFFEE: Basics

  • Software needed for navigating Canvas
  • Logging in/user roles
  • Intro to Canvas tools: Pages, Inbox, Modules, Files, Assignments, and more

Campus building with foreground text: COFFEE Clemson Online Furthering Faculty Education and E-Learning Canvas Basics

COFFEE: Basics, part 2

  • Adding content Pages
  • Creating a course Home Page
  • Organizing instructional content into Modules
  • Making changes to your Dashboard, and more

The courses are entirely self-guided; each participant will receive an outline of course topics and a checklist of tasks to complete within their own sandbox course. When the courses are complete, the participant can keep the sandbox to edit, revise, and play with as needed. Sandbox content can even be exported into future courses.



To sign up, just email Clemson Online: You will be assigned to a Canvas site and an invitation will be sent to your Clemson email account. Once you accept the invitation, you’ll be good to go!

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