Follow Up Friday

September 24, 2021

Follow Up Friday: Video resources for midterms, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

Don’t let the middle of the semester get you down!Stick figure sitting at a desk, holding their head.

We have several tools and resources that can help get you though the halfway point and put you on the path for a great rest of the year. Check out the following round-up from Clemson Online:

  • Bookings appointments: make an appointment with a member of our team for a one-on-one session. We can help with exam problems, accessibility concerns, and teaching with Canvas.
  • Videos: learn best practices for creating online assessments, or how to use SpeedGrader to make your teaching life easier.
  • Proctoring software: read up on the options for exam proctoring at our tools website.

Posts you may have missed:

What’s coming up?


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