Follow Up Friday

August 12, 2022

Take a moment this Friday to reflect on the summer term. By noting the successes and the areas for growth, we can identify where we need support.

Follow Up Friday: Reflection on Summer Semester

Find anywhere from ten minutes to a half-hour to sit quietly and reflect on the past semester. You might want paper and pen to write things down, as well. This exercise is designed to get you thinking more deeply about your teaching in a calm, neutral environment. As you consider the four questions below, note your answers and any responses you might feel in your body.

  1. What successes stand out to you about your work from this semester? Was there a particular moment you had with a student or with a class?
  2. Did you try something new that worked?
  3. What aspect of your instruction feels exhausting?
  4. What areas of growth can you point to?

After you’ve considered the questions, do a little analysis of your answers:

  • Do you view this reflection or memory as a success? Why or why not?
  • How would you have preferred that situation to happen?
  • Can anything be done differently next semester, based on these reflections?

Training to Support Your Growth

We want to support your growth in online design and instruction. After completing the reflection exercise and identifying what could be improved, we recommend that you check out our Fall Live Faculty Development training sessions, our COFFEE training courses, or simply reach out to schedule a consultation:


Workshop Wednesday: Make Your Canvas Site Beautiful

Learn all about clear, effective visual design options for your Canvas pages with the new Design Module in the Faculty Resource Center. You can find pre-made graphics such as icons, course banners, buttons, and more with customization options available. This workshop will provide a walkthrough of the entire Design Module and instructions for downloading, customizing, and placing assets in your courses. Facilitated by Rachel Greene, Digital Learning Designer.

Originally recorded 08.10.22

Watch the recording here


Upcoming Live Training

New Instructor Conference

Clemson Online is hosting a day of conference sessions designed to get you ready for the fall! In addition, we will host two days for scheduled presentations with drop-in opportunities so you can sit down and talk with the experts. See an overview below. Register for free at the conference website and see the full schedule and each day’s Zoom links, published one week prior to the conference.

 Thursday, August 18

New Instructor Conference hosted by Clemson Online is a scheduled conference with dedicated tracks that cover a range of topics. Attend in person or through Zoom. Registration required. Breakfast will be provided for in-person attendees.

  • Topics include:The glass façade of the Watt Center, with a blue sky background.
    • instructional tools
    • course organization
    • teaching strategies for international instructors
    • effective learning objectivesintroduction to Kaltura
    • introduction to iClicker
  • 8am to 12pm
  • Watt Family Innovation Center 3rd floor

Monday, August 22

Bring your laptop and meet us at Cooper Library for a drop-in, face-t0-face conversation with one of our instructional designers about your course, chat with a librarian, learn about library support systems, and take a tour of the library’s integrated technology spaces. Additionally we will be running scheduled presentations on dedicated topics. Drop-ins are in-person while the scheduled presentations are hybrid.

  • Presentation topics include:
    • Library resources for online learning
    • Introduction to Kaltura
    • iClicker Cloud and Classic
  • 9am to 2pm
  • Cooper Library, 2nd floor (two floors down from the main entrance or 4th floor)

Tuesday, August 23

Bring your laptop and meet us at the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Vickery Hall, where we are partnering with University Testing and Education Center (UTEC) to deliver more drop-in opportunities and another round of scheduled presentations.

  • Presentation topics include:
    • Library resources for online learning
    • Introduction to Kaltura
    • iClicker Cloud and Classic
  • 9am to 2pm
  • Vickery Hall, 2nd floor

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