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August 8, 2022

Clemson Online has created a substantial library of design elements to help every instructor create clear, effective and eye-catching Canvas sites. Well-done visuals not only capture learners’ attention, but they can also help make it easier for learners of all types to read and retain information. By effectively using visual cues like icons and page dividers, you can help reduce the cognitive load on your learners and help them stay on task – whether you are teaching online or using Canvas in a face-to-face course.

A screenshot of the contents of the Design Module.

In the screenshot provided to the left, you can see a list of the resources available for designing your Canvas course sites, found in our Faculty Resource Center, in the Module labeled “Design Elements and Templates for Canvas.” Some elements are provided as templates which you can import directly from Canvas Commons into your course, and then make necessary edits. Other elements are available in Google slides, which you can use to modify a template, or create your own.

There are banners, icon packs, images for your course’s dashboard card, and much more. Most of the elements are customizable so you can adjust them to fit the needs of your course, making them as simple or as complex as you want. You’ll also find tips for some simple HTML codes to create new elements on your own.

You can see all of these items in the Faculty Resource Center (self-enroll at the link provided). Just click on the button that says “New! Canvas Design Help.”

If you’d like some help going through the various templates and graphics, please attend our August 10 workshop, presented by Digital Learning Designer Rachel Greene. Rachel developed all of the graphic elements in the Module, and will walk participants through the entire library of resources. She will also answer any questions you have about using these elements in your own Canvas sites.

Get started today and make your Canvas course sites better than ever – your learners will thank you!

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