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April 14, 2023

Check out more courses offered through Clemson Cooperative Extension!

New Extension Courses

On Monday, we celebrated the QM Certification of our first non-credit course, Bee a Friend to Pollinators. Clemson Cooperative Extension offers even more courses!

You can register now for the following courses:

  • Dam Ownership in South Carolina
  • Farming Foundations
  • Plant Identification and Use
  • Salt Marsh Short Course
  • Spray Fundamentals

Learn more and sign up on this page of Extension offerings

Upcoming Events

Quality Matters for Summer Accelerate

Clemson Online is proud to announce new opportunities for instructors to gain experience in online course creation, teaching with Canvas, and the Quality Matters course review process. They include:

  • Online Course Bootcamp – Spring Break Intensive starts March 20!
  • Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)
  • QM Essentials Review
  • COFFEE: House Blend

Please see the full descriptions and registration links at our Quality Matters for Summer Accelerate website.

For applicable participants, these trainings can be listed on annual reviews in the Faculty Success system. Check with your department for specific details. If you have any questions about these training opportunities or any aspect of Quality Matters at Clemson, please email Lori Kinley.

Next Semester Prep Workshop

As we cross the finish line on another Spring semester, do yourself a small favor before taking your well-deserved break: register to receive a link to a recorded training on best practices in preparing for next semester. In this session, we will cover exporting and importing Canvas course content, identifying one actionable change to make for next semester, and reviewing your course learning objectives to ensure they align with the rest of the course. Facilitated by James Butler, Digital Learning Strategist.

Note: This development session has been revised from live training to a pre-recorded training that registrants will receive a link to.

Register here for the Next Semester Prep Workshop on April 19th .

Clemson Online Spring 2023 Events Calendar

Review Clemson Online’s Calendar of Events page for the instructional development events we will offer in Spring 2023.


Contact James Butler with any questions about these sessions.

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