Follow Up Friday: Creating a Home Page

August 26, 2022

Following our Monday post on the importance of Getting Started modules, read on to learn how to create a Home Page and what should be included in it.

Today, we would like to follow up on our Monday blog by focusing on how to make a home page in Canvas. For brief context, in Monday’s post, we gave the reasons for creating a home page, provided helpful directions, and provided a comprehensive overview of what to include in an introduction module. Please refer to that post for more information!

Image showing steps for creating a home page in Canvas. On the course navigation bar, Pages has a 1 next to it. Adding a Page has a 2 by it.

Creating a Home Page

On your Canvas Course site, do the following to make a home page:

  1. Select “Pages” from the course navigation bar.
  2. Select “+Page” and title it “Welcome” or a name that you will recognize it by, and save.
  3. Select “Publish”
  4. Select the three vertical dots and select them to find “Use as Front Page”.
  5. Select “Use as Front Page”.
  6. Select “Home” on the course navigation bar.Image shows a newly created Page in Canvas and the areas where to follow the steps. Publish button in green has a 3 next to it. The three stacked dots next to the Edit button has a four above it. The drop down menu from the three dots has "Use as Front Page" highlighted in purple and with a 5 next to it.
  7. Select “Choose Home Page” on the menu beneath “Course Status”.
  8. Select “Pages Front Page”, where you will notice the title of your designated home page.
  9. Select “Save”.


Image shows next step for making the Front Page of Pages, into the Home Page for the course. Home in the course navigation bar has a 6 by it. "Choose Home Page" on the Home Page menu is circled in purple and has a 7 next to it. "Choose Course Home Page" window shows "Pages Front Page" selected with an 8 by it. "Choose Course Home Page" window shows a "Save" button in purple and a 9 by it.

What should be on your Home Page

  • Your home page should tell learners at least the following:
    • Course number and title
    • Whether the course is synchronous or asynchronous and whether it is online, hybrid, or face-to-face.
      • If the course is synchronous/F2F, then indicate the days and times for class meetings.
  • Your name and contact information
  • A note telling learners where to go first and what to do to start the course.
    • It is best if you provide a direct course link to the very first page of your “Start Here” module so learners will start the course right where you want them to.


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