Lecture capture transition taking place this summer

April 11, 2017

We would like all Clemson faculty and staff to know about the new technology that will be available for classroom use beginning in the summer and fall semesters. The following is a list of the new technology and what each is replacing.

  • Camtasia Studio will replace Adobe Presenter, Captivate and Echo 360 Personal Capture
  • Ensemble Studio will replace ECHO 360 classroom (lecture) capture
  • Cisco Meeting Server will be available for video and web conferencing

This new technology will add new delivery methods and archival opportunities for both online and campus based classes. These new alternatives provide faculty and staff with more reliable, higher quality products that have the ability to produce superior course materials and increase classroom interactions with students.

What is the timeline and where can I use this new technology?

Over the summer term Clemson Online and CCIT will be working together to revitalize Clemson’s classroom video infrastructure. Changing to Camtasia Studio, Ensemble Studio, and Cisco Meeting Server are designed to meet the changing needs of our faculty, staff and students.  These new tools will be available throughout each campus. In addition, there are also studios at The Watt Family Innovation Center and Video Production Services designed to utilize these technologies to produce high quality video materials.  These changes to Clemson’s video conferencing infrastructure will enable web-based video conferencing in addition to the systems you use today.


  • When: Summer 2017 term
  • Where: Licensed software on your computer

Ensemble Studio  

  • When: Fall 2017 semester
  • Where: Classrooms currently equipped with lecture capture equipment will be upgraded during the summer term

Cisco Meeting Server  

  • When: Summer 2017 term
  • Where: Classrooms currently setup with videoconferencing equipment will be able to utilize this new feature.

What about my current content?


  • All current recordings in Echo 360 will be available until September 1, 2017.
  • There will be no new recordings added to Echo 360 after the Spring 2017 semester.
  • Request assistance for migrating content from Echo 360 to Ensemble by contacting the CCIT Support Center at
  • By moving content to Ensemble, new integrations with Canvas will streamline the process for faculty creating videos for their online courses and simplify delivering that content to students.

Adobe Presenter & Captivate:

  • The institutional licenses for Adobe Presenter and Captivate have not been renewed.  Please remove from your computer and discontinue use.
  • Contact for assistance with videos for Summer term by the end of April.
  • Contact for assistance with videos for Fall semester by the end of July.

How do I get help or training?

  • Training for Camtasia Studio, Ensemble Studio and Cisco Meeting Server will be available during the Spring and Summer.  Please check out our training schedule at

We look forward to working with everyone during this transition. If you have question please contact

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