New Zoom Meeting Features are Available!

July 19, 2021

If you haven’t updated your Zoom program recently, then you’re missing out!

Make sure you are updating your Zoom client regularly so you can access new features and try them out before classes start in the Fall. Read on for details about two new additions to help you make the most of your Zoom experience. If you have questions about any features in Zoom, make an appointment through our Bookings site and we’ll help you with all of your Zoom questions.

Immersive Gallery View

Try the new immersive gallery in Zoom for your next video conference, meeting, or class! This feature allows meeting hosts to establish a uniform background setting for all meeting participants by placing participants’ avatars in a collective, collaborative setting, such as a coffee shop or a classroom. There are a variety of backgrounds for meetings of all sizes. To access this feature, make sure your Zoom client is updated, then click on the “View” button in the upper right when in your meeting. Choose “Immersive,” then choose your scene, and you’re set. Note: if participants with older versions of Zoom will not be able to see the background, so make sure to let your participants know they should update Zoom as soon as possible. See an example of the immersive gallery below:

Screenshot of the classroom background for immersive gallery view in Zoom.

Possibly the cutest student ever?


Share to Breakout Rooms

Share to breakout rooms is now available to Zoom users with up to date Zoom clients. Share to breakout rooms allows hosts to share a consistent screen to ALL breakout rooms simultaneously. Once breakout rooms are open, the option will present itself when you click on the Share Screen button. This is great option for communicating to students working on group projects – you can share a timer to keep groups on track, or share group work instructions so that each group can see them while they work. See the screenshots below for the process of setting up the share to breakout room feature.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting, with form to create a breakout room displayed. Form reads: "Create [1] breakout room."

Step 1: Create Breakout Room(s) and assign participants to them.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting with breakout rooms enabled and share screen activated. Button at the bottom reads "Share to breakout rooms."

Step 2: Enable Share Screen, then click the check box toward the bottom of the window that reads “Share to breakout rooms,” then click “Share.”


Screenshot of Zoom meeting with share screen enabled, reading: "Share Screen to All Breakout Rooms."

Step 3: When the popup window asks if you want to “Share Screens to All Breakout Rooms,” click “Share.”

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