Follow Up Friday

July 16, 2021

Follow Up Friday: Library Takeover!, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

On Thursday, July 15, Clemson Libraries took over the Clemson Online social media accounts and presented their new tool, Course Resource Lists. What is a Course Resource List? Read below for the details straight from your friendly neighborhood librarians:

“It’s a tool designed to incorporate outside resources with an instructor’s Canvas courses. Instructors can build reading lists that include library materials, videos, web resources, and more. Students can find course materials seamlessly through Canvas without the need for third-party apps or extra navigation. Benefits include:

  • Ability to identify and link directly to resources; no need to deal with link maintenance
  • Materials can be saved and reused in other courses or future semesters
  • Materials are added to Canvas so students have easy access
  • Avoiding copyright issues by directly linking to electronic resources”

Librarian Rodger Bishop II hosted a Quick Hits workshop (see screenshot below) all about setting up and using a Course Resource List in Canvas – check out the recording at our Ensemble Portal!

Screenshot of a Google slide reading: Course Resource Lists, with the Clemson paw logo and the word LIBRARIES.

Posts you may have missed

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