PRTM faculty, graduate students lead discussion on environmental conservation from an international perspective

March 10, 2022

During the first in a series of important environmental conservation discussions facilitated by faculty and graduate students in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson University, Assistant Professor Aby Sene-Harper and Tigers United Fellow Pramod Yadav led a conversation on the role of environmental conservation in international relations, politics and policies.

The discussion encouraged dialogue about topics not often addressed in classroom settings and provided an opportunity for scholars to foster co-learning, enhance awareness of local impacts of conservation programs and deepen students’ and faculty members’ knowledge of international conservation policies. Participants were asked to consider how academicians, conservationists and policy officials can work together to embrace shared values and goals in environmental conservation.

The Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management department plans to host several more discussions on important topics related to international conservation throughout the year.